Do not put plastic or paper towel in an air fryer.

Stock photo showing samosas stuffed with spiced potato, peas and meat in air fryer. This popular Indian snack is often sold by street food vendors.

Assuming that you love your air fryer and assuming you have one at home right presently you’ll as of now have been attracted to cooking anything and everything in it. You could keep thinking about whether you can put a plastic bowl, paper towel or water inside your air fryer or not?

This article will assist you with choosing what you can (and what you can’t) put in your air fryer.


Plastic isn’t appropriate for the air fryer. Sadly, you can’t warm up your food sources in plastic compartments, like Tupperware and plastic focus point holders in the air fryer (like you can in a microwave).

As a matter of fact, standard plastic dishes which are not food grade and microwave-safe should be kept away from an air fryer. Microwave-safe plastic dishes have a higher chance of not getting liquefied in an air fryer anyway there is no assurance. If it’s not too much trouble, try not to place plastic in an air fryer generally to keep your air fryer protected and in wonderful working condition.

don't put plastic in air fryer
plastic bowls.

Moreover, the temperature inside the air fryer can arrive at up to 205 degrees Celcius. Regardless of whether you are warming it at a low temperature, the plastic will begin manoeuvring destructive synthetics into the food which, is exceptionally unsafe for wellbeing. It is prescribed not to any plastic compartment or bowl inside the air fryer along these lines. Realize that what can go in a stove, can likewise go in the air fryer.

Paper Towels

Paper towels will consume and could try and cause a fire assuming you put them in an air fryer. There are a few other options (recorded below) which are probably going to be more qualified for your necessities while using the machine.

don't put paper towel air fryer
paper towels


Water can be used sparingly in the air fryer anyway you’ll frequently track down practically no need to do such. Bubbling water in your air fryer ought to be kept away as the force of the circling air could make critical harm to your machine.

A few different things you can not place in your air fryer.


Sauces, for example, sauce or stews are not reasonable for an air fryer. Notwithstanding, meat marinades are alright. A thick consistency of the sauce is better as it’s doubtful to be altogether moved during the air broiling process (runny fluid like water is lighter and thusly can be moved via air all the more without any problem).

Non-stick + Oil

Indeed, oil can add tasty firmness to your food. Be that as it may, the non-stick covering of your bin or adornment can separate because of the oil. Shower [oil on] your food on one more surface and afterwards move food into the crate.

Wooden Cookware

Similarly, don’t put your astounding wooden serving gear in your air fryer. Not a protected move.

Things You Can Put Safely Inside Your Airfryer.

The following are seven things I’ve found you can securely put inside your air fryer. I’d constantly recommend twofold actually looking at the manual of your air fryer to guarantee that yours is like mine in the materials it is fit for cooking with.

Parchment Paper

The parchment paper keeps food from adhering to the compartment of your air fryer. Assuming you are searing tacky food sources, for example, covered chicken wings or heated products like magma cake or chocolate chip treats, you ought to use parchment paper. You can likewise utilize material paper on different food varieties that are not unreasonably tacky.

This makes tidying up significantly more straightforward. Like that, little food particles, spices, and scraps will not get in the little hiding spots of your air fryer.

parchment paper in an air fryer
Air fryer machine with parchment paper.

Tooth Picks

Toothpicks assist with holding down food. Since air fryers course hot air around, the power of the air can unstick little food particles and prompt them to zoom around, prompting lopsided searing and a major wreck. You would need to stay away from that by using toothpicks.

There are a ton of recipes that will expect you to use toothpicks. You can make bacon-wrapped Kani, asparagus or shrimp. To keep the bacon from disentangling, embed a toothpick into each piece subsequent to folding the bacon over the other fixing.

While broiling stuffed or moving chicken bosom, hold it close with a toothpick too. The meat can open or disentangle while being cooked in the air fryer and this can make the gooey items liquefy outside the meat.

Iron Skillets

Iron skillets can likewise be utilized in your air fryer given that they are adequately little to fit in there. It’s a decent guide of intensity, so it can assist with appropriating the intensity uniformly over the cooking surface.

It will assist with containing food sources that can make a gooey wreck in the air fryer, for example, new cheeses and whatever could contain sauces.

Dishes/Pyrex Heat-safe dishes

for example, Pyrex or whatever other dishes that will function admirably in your oven will probably work in an air fryer. This ought to assist with limiting the tidying up that you really want to do later.

Baking Paper

You can absolutely place baking paper in your air fryer. Notwithstanding, you should be cautious with how you use it. “Assuming that you are setting the baking paper in your air fryer, guarantee you have sufficient inside to hold the paper down.

With the high temperature, almost certainly, the paper can blow around or begin to consume.

baking with an air fryer using baking paper.
Air fryer, cake

Aluminum Foil

It is alright to utilize aluminium foil in an air fryer. You can envelop the food with aluminium foil. Foil is a decent guide of intensity, so in the event that you don’t believe the food should be presented straightforwardly to the intensity and you need to entangle the intensity and permit it to a course to equally prepare the food, a foil is a decent cooking material.

Use foil to grill chicken wings in an air fryer.
close-up grilled marinated chicken wings in an air fryer pot, home cooking, healthy diet

Ensure you seal it appropriately to keep the foil from zooming around. Foil can be sensitive too so the power from the coursing intensity could wind up tearing bits of it. You can likewise line the lower part of your air fryer with foil. Ensure you put the food uniformly on top of it to hold it down. You don’t need aluminium foil zooming around the air fryer.

Steel Bowls

Steel bowls are likewise great guides of intensity. They can mirror the impact of a broiler, particularly assuming that you close the highest point of a steel bowl with foil. It traps heat inside so the food prepares through as opposed to simply searing outwardly.

Ramekins and stove resistant plate Whatever that says it’s resistant to the oven can likewise be used in an air fryer (these can be made of glass, metal, silicone or fired). “Other extraordinary things are foil compartments, cast iron and copper. You can likewise go for fired ramekins, which are an extraordinary choice in the event that you have a little limited air fryer and are simply hoping to make something little!


Pam oil cooking splash can be used inside your air fryer with next to no issues. I’ve tracked down shower everything over the outer layer of the air fryer compartment to keep food from adhering to the surface works a treat!

What other cookware materials do you put in your air fryer?

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