Here are the Best Kitchen Torches to Work with.

o-grill kitchen torch
Kitchen torch

Are you ready to turn up the heat in the kitchen? If you are cooking a dish such as crème brûlée, you will need to add fire to the mix. However, working with fire can be dangerous, and you will need a tool that is very safe and easy to use.

Having a kitchen or cooking torch is not probably essential. But sure it is a simple kitchen tool that you will love to use to add depth and flavour to your food. These humble, butane-fueled gadgets can create a steady, hot flame that you can use to caramelize sugar on a crème brûlée, torch marshmallows, sear steaks, and other proteins, scorch meringues, melt cheese, roast peppers, and so much more.

Worried about holding such a powerful flame right in the palm of your hands? There is no need to worry. These torches are all designed with anti-flare safety features that ensure the flame would not come anywhere near your hands. Different models offer a range of maximum temperatures, flame strength, and usability, so you should have an idea of what you will plan to use this torch for before you purchase one. The perfect kitchen torch will have been created especially for this purpose and should satisfy your need.

So, let’s take a look at the top best kitchen torch and find the perfect one for you…

Best for Beginners: Jo chef kitchen torch

jo chef kitchen torch

If you are still getting acquainted with using a kitchen torch at home, start with something simple and easy to control. The Jo Chef kitchen torch is a handy little tool for browning. Faster and more efficient than firing up the oven broiler for little jobs. This torch comes with butane so you don’t need to worry about ordering that separately. When it’s time to refuel, you can check the convenient fuel gauge to know how much fuel is in the canister. This cooking torch has multiple safety locks and an adjustable flame function which ensures that the user is safe and protected against the flame, so chefs of all levels can enjoy using this tool. If you want to gift any friends a torch, this model arrives gift-ready, so go ahead and spread the tempestuous love. Plus, it is easier to see the finish you are getting. For safety reasons, it is shipped empty. Also, it is very easy to fill laying it on its side. Mind the “max fill” line, as the cold butane charge will expand as it warms to ambient temperature. I usually fill to just below the “max fill” line. Easy to light, with correct dial-in accuracy for flame intensity. Jo chef kitchen torch is a great tool for beginners thus far.

Best for Steaks: O-Grill GJ-One CR black professional butane cooking torch.

o-grill kitchen torch

This is the perfect stylish kitchen torch for baking, crème brûlée, melting, and allows you to get a lovely layer of caramelization on your meringues, etc. Plus it is also great for camping. Whether you are baking or barbecuing, these torches will give you that perfect glazed finish.

This professional-level butane kitchen torch was developed with world champion cooks to give exceptional, stable performance right into your kitchen. This hand torch is equipped with an adjustable gas flow ring to manage flame length, a safety switch, and an anti-grease surface finish torch grip.

This professional cook torch has been designed to suit the style of your kitchen. With ultra-clean lines, great safety features, and easy to clean stainless steel for added hygiene. It has a water-resistant piezo electronic ignition system.

This deluxe edition professional culinary torch has a luxury high gloss metallic surface that looks great in your kitchen and makes it easy to clean after use. Max flame temperature 1300°C ( 2400°F ). Also perfect for lighting fires, candles, cigars, craft projects, multiple camping applications, and much more.

This is also a butane torch with an adjustable burner that is amazing for cooking or outdoor work and can easily handle breezy weather. GJ-one refills with Iroda brand butane as well as other quality brands, (which are sold separately, subject to availability)

Best Splurge: TORRYZA Multi-purpose Torch

multi purpose torch

This TORRYZA is ideal for searing a steak, roasting peppers, glazing a baked ham, caramelizing sugar, and melting cheese. Also useful for lighting your charcoal grill, campfire, fireplace, glass blowing, welding, melting metal, and anything else you can think of. Its maximum temperature is 1472 degrees  Fahrenheit

Note for your regulated use, when lighting the butane torch, please open the gas valve to the minimum, and then press the igniter to light it easily.

TORRYZA uses 1 pound propane bottles or portable butane bottles, Propane Fuel Cylinders, and Camping Fuel Gas Canister or can connect to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose (Butane or Propane Tank Not Included and hose)

You use as little or as much flame as you need to get the job done. This multi-purpose torch does it all from finishing off a delicate dessert to starting a roaring campfire. You get to decide; simply turn the adjustable fuel valve located on the top of the torch handle.

This high power propane torch gun is designed to finish your meat faster than any other searing torch available and delivers a mouthwatering flame-broiled flavour every time used at home or on the go, It’s small enough to fit into your kitchen drawers, RV, or on your backpack for outdoor adventures. Charcoal grill lighting and campfire starting will never be the same again once you watch your fires roar to life with this torch, Very easy to light wet wood igniter.

Best Ergonomic: Sondiko Butane Torch

Sondiko butane touch

This is ideal for caramelizing sugar atop creme brûlée, glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting peppers, melting cheese, and toasting bread crumbs. Also useful for lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars, for hobby, arts and crafts projects, jewellery making, welding, multiple camping applications, dabs, and much more.

With safety, the lock prevents accidental ignition and a wide set base helps to prevent it from falling over. A long angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand safely away from the flame. Made with durable Aluminum alloy body for long-lasting use.

Refill the kitchen torch with any brand of butane, simply slide the security lock to open, and light up with Piezo Ignition Technology. It is a portable mini torch that you can take for many outdoor activities like camping.

Piezo Ignition Technology allows for use at any angle even upside down with effortless one-hand operation, adjustable temperature regulator for complete control of the flame and allows the flame temperature to reach up to 1300 °C/2372 °F. Press the button to light the fire, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time, and then it will keep firing without your pressing. Baking and cooking are much more comfortable.

Are you still worried about not knowing which tank type to choose? Don’t worry, the Sondiko kitchen blow torch fits any brand of butane gas whether long nozzle or short nozzle! This torch can be directly inflated for the long nozzle gas tank. For a gas tank with a short nozzle, add the red adapter included in the box to lengthen the nozzle, then refill the torch.


Best Budget: Low priced Culinary Butane Torch.

low priced culinary butane torch

This is made with durable Aluminum alloy body for long-lasting use. A long angled nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand safely away from the flame. Ensuring long lifespan, and heat resistance up to 446⁰F / 230⁰C. This butane torch is small and lightweight, and easy to hold.

It is refillable and easy to operate. Simply slide the safety lock off, turn the flame knob until you hear the gas flow, and press the ignition button, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time, and then it will keep firing without your pressing. Baking and cooking are easier.

The refillable culinary torch flame can be adjusted according to your need. An adjustable regulator affords to get an accurate flame intensity for a diversity of uses such as cooking, searing, and much more. Press the button to light a fire, turn the safety lock clockwise at the same time, and then it will keep firing without your pressing. Baking and cooking are easier.

This Butane Lighter is safe and durable for cooking. With the safety, the lock prevents accidental ignition and a wide set base helps to prevent it from falling over and Anti-Flare technology for worry-free operation.

Flame temperature can reach up to 1300 °C/2372 °F. Caramelizing food, soldering DIY jewellery, getting rid of surface bubbles in your art resin, barbecuing or camping or as a survival tool, etc.(Note The Butane Not Included)

Overall Best: Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Professional Kitchen Butane Torch 

best butane torch

Iwatani top quality butane torch is backed by a 1-year manufacturer (butane not included). Iwatani is a classic Japanese brand known for its high-quality torches and attention to detail. This torch head is directly connected to the fuel source, though you will need to buy the brand’s proprietary butane canisters separately. Each canister will get you about a hundred minutes of burn time, which is plenty of fuel for the average home cook. If you want to set the flame, some controls allow you to adjust the size and shape of the flame at all times. Users love the consistent and powerful strength of this flame. Because the fuel source is directly attached to the head, you do not need to worry about constantly refilling or the flame weakening.

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