How careful should I be when using a Kitchen Torch.

black kitchen torch
Blue flame from kitchen torch burner on black background

A kitchen torch is a great appliance that will provide great help to your kitchen. If you want to add caramelized or smoky taste to your most preferred dishes, you should get the best kitchen torch. To prevent burns and torch taste, it is important to follow simple safety precautions. The kitchen torch is a simple tool to use and can help you bring taste to a variety of recipes. But using it carefully on your food is necessary, so here are the steps for you to follow on how to use a kitchen torch carefully.

1. Get a Kitchen torch.

black kitchen torch
a blue flame from a gas torch burner on black background

Choose a kitchen torch that has a fuel gauge, so that you can keep an eye on how much fuel is remaining in your torch. Choosing a torch that has a hands-free operation will allow you to operate the torch without holding down the on button. Speciality kitchen shops and the web can be used to buy a kitchen torch. Kitchen torches are not costly. You can use gas, butane, or other fuels for kitchen torches. If you purchase a torch from the web, you need to know where to get the fuel in your locality so that you can get it refilled. A kitchen torch has fuel canisters screw on its back.

2. Stay safe.

You should turn on the fan in your kitchen. The fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen where you can easily access it. Clear a surface for torching by getting rid of any combustibles such as kitchen towels and plastic items. Set up for torching by placing a metal tray or cast iron grill on your kitchen counter. If your clothing gets in the way of the flame, you should wear a kitchen apron. Note that common metals such as aluminium and copper can be melted with a kitchen torch. Fleece jackets and acrylic clothing are likely to be set on fire.

3. Use a strong metal tray to hold your food items.

Prepare your food items before you turn on your torching. Place the prepared food items on a firm metal tray, like a steel cooking tray or a cast iron grill. There should not be plastic items near your torching area.

4. As you light the torch, wait for a blue flame.

blue flame from kitchen torch
A blue flame from Kitchen Torch

You need to light the torch before exposing it to food. Once it is lit, you need to wait a few seconds for the yellow or orange flame to go away. Once you see a small, hissing, blue flame, you are ready to torch. If you torch your food before seeing the small, blue flame, you will get a torch taste which is caused by fuel contaminating your food.

5. Keep the nozzle clean.

The blow torch will get dirty if you use it constantly. Having poor aim could be caused by food items covering the nozzle. If you end up getting old food on the nozzle, it will have a poor flavour on the dish you are cooking. You can clean the nozzle with a clean rag or cloth.

6. Aim the torch away from you.

The torch should be pointing away from your body, including your other hand. It is common to get second and third-degree burns from a kitchen torch. So, you should make sure that you are wearing the right cloth and that it is not close to the flame, to avoid setting yourself on fire.

7. Use in a sweeping motion.

Torching food items on a tray
Torching your food item

To properly torch your food item, you should slowly move the torch back and forth across the area that you want to grill or scorch. You are more likely to burn your food item if you just point the torch at one spot.

8. After use turned off the gas.

When you are done torching, turn off the hands-free operation and turn off the gas on the torch. You can store your torch once the gas is turned off. You should release the ‘on’ button and then turn off the torch if you are not using the hands-free version.

Extra Tips

Torch meat, and fish before baking.

 If you are baking a meat or fish dish, you can try torching it before putting it into the oven. Torch the meat or fish surface lightly to give it a bit of a crisp outside. Then, put it in the oven following your normal recipe. If you are grilling the meat, you probably will not need to use the torch since you will get the smoky and crispy effects from the grill.

Making grill marks.

If you are trapped indoors, you could use your kitchen torch to recreate the look of a barbeque. Grill lines can be made with your blowtorch after cooking steaks, burgers, or veggies. Just move the torch back and forth over the same area to make a line, and then repeat the process to create a sequence of grill lines on the meat.

Caramelizing sugar on fruits and desserts.

Adding a torch to your desserts will give them an extra depth of flavour that your family and friends will love. If you are making a pie, use your kitchen torch to cook the sugar on top. When the pie is out of the oven, make sure to burn the sugar on top. You also can torch sugar on top of the fruit.


Roasting some peppers.

roasted peppers
Vegan cuisine: Grilled mixed vegetables on a wooden cutting board

It is not necessary to buy canned peppers in the grocery store if you are making an Italian or Spanish dish that demands grilled peppers. Buy fresh peppers and then grill them yourself with a kitchen torch. Roasted peppers could be used in pasta sauce to add a smoky flavour.

Please share with us other tricks and tips on how to use a kitchen torch safely in the comment section.

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